The Makers“I love being a part of the arts community at UMBC because I’m able to participate in so many ways. And being a part of the Linehan program and meeting so many different artists has given me so many opportunities I don’t think I’d get anywhere else.”
— Alex Reeves, Theatre

A maker
play rehersal

As a theatre student, Alex has done it all, from building sets and helping run shows behind the scenes, to starring in the spring production of “Gum,” a futuristic dystopia where girls may not venture outside their garden walls. That’s what we call well-rounded!

UMBC students make things happen. Our Makers are artists, scientists, and promoters of social justice. Some, like Alex, create productions designed to entertain and teach. Some use 3-D printing technology to develop products to improve the lives of senior citizens. Some compose music and write social commentary, while others use their skills to make lasting changes in the government.

If you tell a Retriever something isn’t possible, they won’t believe you. They’ll build the unbuildable, both as students and contributors to their communities long past graduation.


The Explorers“I love that my research is so interdisciplinary. One of the coolest aspects of the process is working with the geologist, putting everything we learn together and seeing what we discover.”
— Michael Lopresti, Biochemistry

An Explorer

As an undergraduate, Michael is working with his professor, Dr. Tamra Mendelson, to help sequence the genes of fish found off the coast of Mongolia. Together with fellow researchers in geology, they hope to use their findings to figure out the approximate time in history a mountain range rose from the earth.

What drives you to explore? For Michael, it’s a desire to understand the physical world. For his classmates, that drive covers everything from questioning world politics to testing out new printing materials to wondering why an author chose to write a character a certain way.

At UMBC, students have the freedom to dig into the world around them, and the support from professors to follow their ideas through. Our students are curious, hands-on people who aren’t afraid to try new things. The result? Well-rounded students with the confidence to challenge ideas, and the skills to change the world.


The Thinkers“As a paralegal in a small firm, I am already writing legal garnishments, demand letters, and legal correspondence. I feel fortunate to have an internship that is more than just filing papers or getting coffee.”
— Will Rice, Economics

A business meeting

Talk about networking savvy. Will’s ongoing law firm internship is giving him a leg-up on what he’ll need to tackle in law school, while also keeping him connected to the people who will help him secure a job later on. He works with two other UMBC alumni there every day!

It's one thing to study hard, and quite another to figure out how to take what you learn out of the classroom and into the world beyond. For Will, a volunteer opportunity with underserved children combined with experiences in Mock Trial and a solid background in economics helped him understand how a career in law might allow him to help people in need.

UMBC's Thinkers do this every day, harnessing the power of knowledge to break barriers and change the world for the better.


Uniters Shield“It’s amazing seeing my friends and the UMBC community in the stands at our games. It gives me such a boost to know they’re there for me.”
— Alexa Quaranta, Psychology

A Uniter
soccer game

Alexa celebrates a Retriever win with her teammates. Her enthusiasm is hard to ignore - it helped net her the title of America East Women’s Soccer Fans’ Choice Player of the Year her sophomore year.

Some of our students just can’t help themselves. As Uniters, they’re at the center of Retriever life, making connections and finding opportunities to bring people and ideas together. They could be key members of an athletic team – like Alexa and her twin sister, Preslie; they could be senators in the Student Government Association, or reporters on The Retriever Weekly. As scholars, they might uncover an interdisciplinary solution to a problem that would never have been considered without someone so plugged in.

The Uniters are the glue that keeps our community strong, and in the world beyond, those skills take them incredible places. No matter where they wind up in their careers and personal lives, they bring with them an unflappable, undeniable stream of connectivity.


Solver's Shield“I love it when, through our work, members of the UMBC community learn something new about Hispanic/Latino culture, when new friendships are established, or we are able to increase interest in the beautiful cultures or resolve a stereotype.”
— Susanna Campbell, Biology

A solver
A class setting

Susanna and her friends find that working together with students from different backgrounds and experiences can lead to unconventional and creative solutions. Whether a class project needs a fresh outlook or a student organization needs a graphic designer and a treasurer – two Retrievers are better than one.

As a Solver, Susanna uses her skills not only to navigate the biology lab, but also for social good as a part of the Hispanic Latino Student Union. At UMBC, our students love to work together to improve the community, from launching efforts to reduce food waste on campus, to exploring innovative ways of teaching, or building the fastest car with the lightest materials.

UMBC students love a challenge, and they know the best solutions grow out of collaborations that – more and more often – cross disciplines. Together, our solvers break barriers and grow into the innovators of our time.